Workers Compensation and Liability Investigations

In many situations, a routine investigation may be only the beginning of the case. Workers’ compensation and liability cases may require specialized investigative techniques and surveillance to provide a visual record of claimant activities. The investigation details the claimant’s habits, movements and activities that in turn are compared to his or her allegations of disability.

Our on-line computer services and preliminary investigation obtain necessary case data to help you minimize cost. The preliminary investigation is used to verify the claimant’s residence and provide the best suitable time for surveillance in order to obtain positive video documentation of the claimant’s activities.

Woodall & Broome’s investigators are educated, licensed, bonded, insured and are committed and qualified to meet all of your investigative needs.

Our investigators have successfully testified in Federal, Civil and Criminal Courts, as well as Labor Board and Mediation. Our staff is trained in courtroom procedures and has testified before numerous courts in their capacity as investigators.

Once surveillance has been initiated and conflicting video is obtained on your claimant’s activities, the investigator will contact you personally providing you with a complete update as to the results of the investigation.

Our investigators are equipped with the latest state of the art video equipment to better document the activities of your claimants. They are aggressive and professional and never compromise on quality or integrity.

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