Remote Camera Surveillance

As we continue our commitment to deliver exceptional service, we consistently work to address the changes that arise within the industry. This product is specifically designed to meet the demands of challenging landscapes and neighborhoods, astute claimants and rising claim costs for our clients. When our clients are faced with such challenges we recommend the use of our Remote Camera Surveillance system (RCS). With the RCS system you will be confident in knowing that your claimant is being watched 24/7.

The RCS system is a great option when conventional surveillance is not advantageous. With the RCS system a fixed or unmanned camera is the suggested alternative to document the claimant’s activity on video. The RCS system allows you to legitimize and substantiate a claim or injury as well as position yourself for a fraud defense or denial. It is also helpful in allowing you to confirm or deny long-term disability or attendant care cases.

The RCS system updates and improves with each new advancement in technology. Video documentation is recorded on the on-site DVR system and in most instances is transmitted through cellular communications to our secure servers. When a 3G/4G signal is available the live video is monitored by our investigative team and is readily available for our clients to view online at their convenience 24/7.

Contact our office to schedule an evaluation for recommendations as to the best form of RCS system for your specific case.

When to Use the Woodall & Broome RCS System

  • There may be a challenging landscape or location where conventional surveillance may not be achieved.
  • Traditional surveillance is typically conducted for eight hours per day whereas the RCS system will document the claimant activity 24 hours a day.
  • If traditional surveillance does not allow a clear view of the claimant’s property this system will allow an unrestricted view of the residence.
  • Assists in determining claimant’s behavior at their residence.
  • The claimant suspects they are being watched with traditional surveillance.
  • In Workers’ Compensations, Liability, Auto, Medical Malpractice, Long Term Disability, Corporate or Employee Theft claims as well as confirming Attendant Care visits.


Why Choose the Woodall & Broome RCS System

  • The cameras are virtually invisible in urban and rural locations.
  • The technology allows us to record 24/7 in high definition.
  • You can select the length of the time RCS system will be installed.
  • RCS will increase the success ratios of future traditional surveillance.
  • RCS will help you reduce claim cost.
  • Our clients are able to view live video 24/7 from office, home or anywhere internet access is available.
  • Our research and development team is constantly upgrading our RCS system to assure our clients receive state of the art technology and equipment.


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