Red Flag Indicators

Identifying A Malingerer

Claimant is never home to answer the phone during normal business hours. He/She only returns call before the start of business or after hours.

Alleged injury coincides with a layoff or a plant closing.

Information from co-workers indicates the claimant is active in sports or other activities.

Medical and Rehab reports indicate the claimant appears to have made a full recovery and there is no organic basis for disability.

Shortly after the injury, the claimant obtained legal representation and/or changed mailing address to a post office box or has checks sent to his or her attorney.

The claimant has a history of self-employment and/or is a tradesman who readily works for cash while feigning disability.

The claimant has moved out of state.

Excessive demands for compensation.

Disability beyond that normally associated with claimed injury.

The claimant has a history of work related injuries or liability claims.

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