Additional Services

Woodall & Broome, Inc. offers many other investigative and field services:

SIU / Fraud Investigations:

Our SIU program was created to provide our clients with the expertise, contacts and resources necessary to maximize fraud detection and deterrence while minimizing unwarranted cost and risk.


Effective techniques are utilized to find missing persons and witnesses such as computer research and telephone inquires and pretexts. We specialize in detailed investigations to find people that standard database services and other companies fail to locate.

Activity Checks:

We can conduct in person or over the phone neighborhood investigations which can lend insight to a subject’s activities, physical capacity and employment status.

Alive and Well Checks:

An Alive and Well Check can be pre-scheduled or unannounced per the client’s instructions. The investigation involves an in-person interview to determine a claimant’s general health, next scheduled doctor’s appointment, medications and current medical treatment, verification of employment and/or disability status, physical restrictions, home environment, hobbies/activities, description of a “day in the life”, social security number and date of birth verification, telephone number, spouse and children information, and photographs of the claimant and their residence.

Widow/Widower Checks:
A check to see if the parties involved remarry or remain widows and widowers.  A courthouse record search may also be requested by the client in order to confirm if the parties have remarried.

Financial Asset Investigations:

Specific research can be conducted into a subject’s assets and financial situation, ranging from courthouse records examinations to in-depth searches for banking and savings account information as well as information on attachable assets, income sources and liquid assets.

First Call Reports and Statements:

Comprehensive in-person or over the phone interview with subjects covering areas you specify such as: details of the accident, current activities and restrictions, personal background and medical history, information and statements from witnesses and employers. A detailed and focused approach that asks the right questions and obtains the required information the first time. This information is normally obtained within three working days.

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