General Liability and Automobile Investigations

No matter what kind of case we are investigating, we will start by interviewing all parties involved to determine the basic facts.  We will conduct a scene investigation and document the loss location with Photographs and Video, showing the entire scene as well as the point of view observed by the claimant prior to the accident occurring.

When dealing with liability accidents and slip and fall investigations, we will determine what kind of fall occurred? Was there a defect in the ground or flooring? Was there a hazardous condition? How long were these conditions exposed? Photographs of the scene may be taken, and available witnesses, including the store employee or manager, are interviewed. If a surveillance camera was in operation, the tape is collected and viewed.

When dealing with automobile accident investigations we will document the line of site for each driver involved, we will document the damage to each vehicle as well as the points of impact.  We will obtain a copy of the police report and clarify all information listed on this report with the investigating officer.  We will canvas for witnesses and obtain statements as needed and lastly, we will put together a complete and comprehensive report including a summary of all tasks completed, photographs of the location and diagrams as needed.

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