Corporate Theft & Cargo Loss

We have developed an investigative unit that specializes in corporate theft and cargo loss. To comprise this unit, we have recruited individuals with skills needed to obtain a high level of success with these types of claims.

These skills include, but are not limited to, investigators with several years of field experience, especially in the areas of information gathering, development of information, interviewing and interrogation techniques.

In most cases, Law Enforcement Agencies are unable to assist corporations with the investigation of internal theft problems. Most investigations could require several days of information gathering and interviews in order to determine which employee(s) were involved. Due to the extended amount of time required for the investigation, Law Enforcement Agencies are not equipped with the man power to assign one or two detectives to your company to handle the investigation for several days at a time.

A Woodall & Broome theft crime unit can initiate an investigation usually within 24-48 hours. Although the unit comprises some of our most skilled investigators, we feel initiating the investigation as soon as possible is critical in obtaining maximum results in recovery loss. Once the individuals have been identified and recorded, written confessions can then be obtained. At that time, management and the proper authorities will be contacted in order to initiate criminal and/or civil actions against the individuals.

The investigators are familiar with all laws that govern cargo and theft crimes. They work closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. We take time to understand your objectives for each case and essentially form a partnership toward achieving those goals.

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