Compensability Claims

As professionals, you know that claims are typically legitimate and should be paid promptly and justly. However, suspicious claims are different. They unfairly increase your loss ratios and drive up your cost of doing business. Before you pay a suspicious claim, rely on our timely, thorough and cost-effective investigations for critical information. Then, you can move ahead with peace of mind, whether you decide to pay or deny the claim.

Our compensability investigations are normally conducted in major catastrophic injuries where the exposure is in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Our highly trained investigators obtain the exact facts surrounding the incident, including recorded statements from the claimant, employer, witnesses, law enforcement officials, paramedics, doctors, etc. Medical reports from the treating physicians and paramedics who arrived at the scene can also be obtained. Pictures and diagrams of the accident scene are also provided. At the end of an investigation, enough information will have been obtained in order to determine if the claim is compensable, or if it should not be paid.

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