Clinic Inspections

A clinic inspection can be a great tool to uncover evidence inconsistent with the injuries and treatment being claimed.  During this unannounced visit, the investigator will start by documenting the location of the office, the vehicles present in the parking lot and any signs posted on the property.  Once inside the investigator will attempt to perform a room-to-room investigation of the clinic and conduct interviews to unveil any irregularities and inconsistencies with billing and other related matters.  We will review medical records on site and retrieve evidence to determine whether the treatment was done by licensed or unlicensed staff.

During this investigation the following records will be requested and collected:  Copies of the staff licenses, copies of the city and occupational licenses or permits for the office, copies of the medical jacket and office notes of the patient that is claiming benefits, sign in sheets for the dates in question, appointment records, travel cards, patient history forms, and physician reports.

 Photographs will be obtained to document the follow:  The exterior of the building and the parking lot, the waiting room, treatment rooms and office work area, all equipment used in the treatment of the claimant, including serial numbers, model numbers and maintenance records and any other common areas.

The following basic observations will be made:  All equipment is operation and the condition of this equipment, if the business line rang while present, whether mail was delivered with the business name or other names on it, whether the magazines in the waiting room are addressed to the clinic or elsewhere, whether the disinfectant bottles are full or empty, whether the trash bins were full or empty, whether the current patient log has any names listed and weather the layout of the clinic lends itself for future surveillance.

Upon conclusion a detailed and organized report will be submitted to the client letting them know exactly what is happening during normal operation at the clinic in question.

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