Workers’ Compensation Investigations (AOE/COE)

As soon as a workers’ Compensation claim is reported you must determine the following…  Was the injury work related?  Did it arise out of the course and scope of employment? Is there a third Party that is responsible for this loss?

Let us assist you with this initial investigation.  We will establish whether the employee’s alleged injury was work-related and happened in the course and scope of employment, or whether the injury was non-industrial or affected by a third party.

In the early stages of a workers’ compensation claim, a thorough AOE/COE investigation is crucial in order to determine and document all the facts surrounding the accident before evidence gets lost and those involved forget important facts in their statements.

This investigation is our most comprehensive product and will include a number of the other services we offer.  Please let us know if we can customize this product to meet your specific needs.

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